Turkish universities fair in Tunisia TUFT2020

Dear partners

After the great success and positive feedback we received from you concerning the last 6 years’ experience in “Turkish Universities’ Fair in Morocco (TUFM)”, we are glad to announce our upcoming event in April 2020 in Tunisia

In the last years, we sent more than 500 students to different foundation universities in Turkey.Just in 2019, we were able to realize more than 150 enrollment at Turkish universities, which makes us more motivated to aim for a double number or why not the triple in the next Academic Year 2020-2021.Specially that we expand our representatives to different countries such as Algeria ,Tunisia ,Mauritania and some African countries plus we have very good network with many adviser and counselors.

In 2020, we are organizing the 1th edition of Turkish Universities’ Fair in Tunisia 2020 (TUFt) . The fair will take place in Tunisia on April 9-12, 2020. Throughout the event, there will be both fairs and high school visits (3 to 4 schools).

On this occasion, we would like to invite you to join Turkish Universities’ Fair in Tunisia 1th TUFt in 2020.

If you would like to have further information about our projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you in our fair and thank you for your precious trust.

Fair Goals:

This fair, which will be held in Tunisia from 9 to 12 April 2020, aims at providing students wishing to pursue their studies at Turkish universities at all levels, BA, MA and PhD, with university guidance and counselling services.  The fair will also provide them with all the information they need for registration and to facilitate their integration into the foreign country.

Fair Hosts:

Cordoba Center for Education Abroad organizes the Turkish Universities Fair in Morocco since 2015 and this year will be the first year in Tunisia

Studyinturkey.ma works to provide many of the guidance, administrative and logistical services to students through our agents abroad. The Center works to provide the following services:

  • University guidance and counseling
  • Registration in turkish universities
  • Assistance to find decent accommodation
  • Facilitate integration in turkey
  • Follow-up and supervision

Cordoba Center for Education Abroad is considered as (Introductory paragraph about the Center)

Fair Participants:

The Turkish Universities Fair, which will be held in Tunis, will host the representatives of Turkish  universities coming from different cities , Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya  in order to introduce the training competencies of these universities and answer the questions of the visitors who wish to pursue their studies abroad.

Reasons behind Participating in the Turkish Universities Fair in Tuniswith us :

  1. Participants will be able to learn about the specificities of higher education in Tunisia and communicate with representatives of public and private universities in Tunis.
  2. The fair will offer a space to introduce the services of Turkish universities to university and baccalaureate pupils and their parents.
  3. The fair will be an opportunity for Turkish universities to introduce their services to the representatives of private secondary schools that teach pupils who will join foreign universities.
  4. Public and private universities students wishing to pursue their postgraduate and Ph.D. degrees will be invited.
  5. The fair will enable Turkish universities to contact a large number of Tunisian students and pupils in the largest Tunisian university cities.
  6. Representatives of Tunisian public and private universities wishing to build partnerships with Turkish universities will be invited.
  7. Representatives of language centers wishing to partner up with Turkish universities will be invited.


Who will Attend the Turkish Universities Fair in Tunis?

  1. Baccalaureate pupils in major public and private education institutes
  2. Parents
  3. Public and private universities students
  4. Representatives of major public and private education institutes
  5. Representatives of public and private universities
  6. Representatives of language centers
  7. Media: to introduce the Fair to Tunisian citizens
  8. Foreign university institutes belonging to different countries
  9. Institutions of mediation services in the field of higher education

Why was the Fair Set from 9 to 12 April2020?

This timing corresponds to the period preceding the final exams of the academic year. During this period, organizations introduce information days related to university guidance. Therefore, we set up this specific timing in order to keep up with the Tunisian families’ interest in the future of their children in terms of university training. This timing meets the urgent need to know the prospects of training in foreign universities for the academic year 2018-2019.

  • Spring weather in the weekend encourages the family to visit the fair and get to know foreign universities closely.
  • This timing corresponds with the programming of the school year for all the parties of the fair as it coincides with the usual activity of educational institutions, and is also suitable for institutions that work in the field of mediation in higher education.

Marketing Plan:

An important marketing plan will be organized before the event:

  1. Media campaign on social media websites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat) for the fair marketing.
  2. Distribution of booklets and flyers in all public and private Tunisian schools and universities, language centers and other institutions concerned with this fair.
  3. Promotional campaign in national and local radio stations.

+15 universités qui vont assister

+100 bourses seront disponible

15% de réduction le jour du Forum


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